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Sacred Geometry Workshop
Sacred Geometry Workshop
Art as a Spiritual Practice
November 22nd
United Yoga Montreal

Creation has a sacred 'blue-print' and within this workshop, we will explore our understanding of sacred geometry within our bodies, plus art, music, architecture, and nature.

Learn how art, along with your own divine imagination can offer up the chance to evolve the viewer, transform the beholder, heal the body, serve the community and enrich the collective consciousness.

Bring your pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, protractors, stensils, paper, sketch pads and/or a current piece of artwork to work on. To paint with acrylic, you must bring a drop cloth and a portable easel. No canvases larger than 40" in either dimension, please.

This workshop will include the following:
  • A slideshow & video presentation on sacred geometry, the phi ratio and the flower of life.
  • Instruction on drawing the sacred geometric shapes, phi and the flower of life.
  • Open creation time

    Investment: $44

    Investment: $44
    E-transfer to mythirdeye@live.com or
    United Yoga Montreal:
    460 St-Catherine Street W, #208 Montreal, H3B 1A7
  • Limited spaces, please register early to save your spot