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2021/22 Events with Jamie: Weekly Teaching Schedule
September 19th Yoga Mentorship Program at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal
October 16th Chakra Yoga Nidra

Yoga Mentorship Program
September 19th, 2021
Ashtanga Yoga Montreal

This Yoga Mentorship Program is built around our love for Yoga, while providing an informative, challenging and comprehensive 8-month long program.

Designed for all who want to learn more about yoga, explore and expand a personal yoga practice, while learning its healing science and application in life.

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Chakra Yoga Nidra
October 16th, 2021
Innocere Yoga

The yogic chakra system is one of our oldest and most sophisticated maps of consciousness that we have. It's a cartography of being that gives the evolving soul a roadmap for where it is going in its evolutionary unfolding. Imported from the East, the chakras outline the dimensions of who we are as frequencies localized in our bodies.

Yoga Nidra: is a state of conscious deep sleep. During the practice of yoga nidra, one appears to be sleep, but the consciousness is functioning at the deeper level of awareness. It is sleep with a trace of deep awareness. It is state of mind in between wakefulness and dream.

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