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Lord of Yoga
The Oracle Ophiucus
Fruit of Life
Elements Existing
Star Tetrahedron
Distant Relative
lil Star Tetrahdedron
Eternal Seal
Constellation Shiva
As Above So Below
Ethereal Temptress
Tree of Life
Shiva Shakti
Sacred Geometry
Kundalini Yantra
Flower of Life (small)
Lion of Zion
Alien Thumb Print
Event Horizon
Unicursal Hexagram
Kali Yantra
Sub Atomic Particle
Atha Yoganusasanam
Quantum 1
Quantum II
The Healer
Infinitely Eternal
Divine Mitosis
Sri Yantra
My Third Eye
Celestial Soul
Ouroboric River
Prana Molecule
Shiva: Lord of Yoga
Lunar om
Nature of Being
Flower of Life
Anjali Mudra
Om Mani Padme
Mickey Rourke

Another Look:
The Oracle Ophiucus

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Paintings by Jamie Lee ~ Photos by Craig Bannerman
Artist Bio:
Jamie Lee hails from Brantford Ontario, Canada, currently lives and works in Montreal Quebec. As far back as he can remember, Jamie Lee has felt very keenly the irresistible pull of the complex, layered, unfathomable beauty he saw in Nature, and in the human body; early in life, Jamie found that expressing himself through art came easily, and helped him create a deep connexion to the secrets of the Universe. In his own words, he explains that his artistic motivation is "lead, guided and pushed by a desire to paint the human spiritual dilemma; to express on canvas a picture which alters the state of consciousness of the viewer."

After having completed studies in the field of kinesiology, Jamie began a regular and rigorous Yoga practice that was to change his view of the world, and of his art. "Yoga helped me to piece together some of the mysteries and riddles of life, from who we are, where we came from and what exactly we are doing here." Yoga and meditation further opened Jamie's eyes to the occult, the esoteric, and to ancient cultures who were studying and refining spiritual practices for thousands of years and have shaped the trajectory of all Humanity.

Naturally, this rich field of interests eventually lead him toward the exploration of certain natural psychedelic compounds, the shamanic lore of various cultures, and plant medicines which have been used by human communities through the ages for guidance, support, as well as physical and spiritual healing. As Jamie further explains, his "art is a tool to help others awaken, to connect within and to create a new human paradigm for the future, where art is brought forward as a legitimate and necessary aspect of modern culture."

To this day, Jamie harbours fond memories of all the art teachers who helped him carve and refine his own creative approach and channel his abilities in a productive manner. Through the years, he has found inspiration in the work of artists from such varied aesthetic domains as Vincent Van Gogh (post-Impressionism), Andy Warhol (Pop Art) and Alex Grey (contemporary Psychedelic), who he considers to be "a true visionary".