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Constellation Shiva
2011, acrylic on canvas, 24' X 36' in. by Jamie Lee

~ Poem ~

by Alex Grey

Fifteen billion years ago,
Before the beginning,
In the Studio of Eternity
There was a blank canvas,
Pregnant with the possibility of Everything.
Our Collective Being,
The Divine Artist the Creator God,
Aching to express, to exist,
Exploded itself/ourself into a cascade of lightselves.
A cosmic orgasm
Big-banged us into creation,
Perfect in ratios, rhythms, and forms,
The Universe is a storm of light emerging,
Ever birthing, ever dying
Plasma selves, atom selves, molecular selves, cell selves,
Conscious lumps of DNA.
Ascending selves scaling evolving chains of Being.
Souls inside brightening,
Hardening into botanical and biological bodies.
Plant self, animal self,
Myself, yourself, ourselves,
Family selves, city self, nation self,
An earth full of eyes sees everything on earth
And we are that!
Planet self, star self, galactic self,
Self as galactic cluster,
Self as entire web of Cosmos
With amnesia.
Our current artistic dilemma is to wake up
To the truth that we are the One Godself,
Creating the Universe Every day.