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Yoga Mentorship Program:
Do have a craving to learn more than what is being offered at the yoga studio?
  • Wanna take your yoga practice to the next level?
  • Wanna learn what’s offered in a teacher training, but one-on-one?

    This 12-month Yoga Mentorship is a unique program designed to guide, encourage, instruct and help the student with the practice of Yoga. Along with providing useful knowledge and instruction of Yoga to the student, the program offers the opportunity to make that commitment to the self become a solid foundation within his or her lifestyle.

    This program includes:
    • A 12 month home and studio yoga program designed specifically for you.
    • Specifically provides a home practice based on asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and or any other practices deemed necessary.
    • Designed to meet your individualized needs, time requirements and or work and family obligations.
    • Includes a 2 hour private session every month to instruct & review the months progress.
    • Plus discounts on additional classes, workshops and retreats, plus Yoga Nidra & Meditation MP3s.

    Investment: $1980.00
    For more information please contact Jamie at mythirdeye@live.com or 514.884.7275
  • "Commitment is an act, not a word." --J.P. Sartre
    "I entered Jamie's mentorship program thinking to deepen my asana practice, learn more about that incredible way of life that yoga really is, and become physically stronger and more opened. Over the year, all that happened, but the most profound transformation occurred in my soul. Thanks to Jamie's guidance, I reached a new level of awareness and was humbled in realizing that the learning never stop. I urge any one who thrives to become a better and happier human being to embark on this beautiful adventure with the unique and incredible Teacher that Jamie is. You will learn more about yourself than you can imagine. "
    --Dr Caroline Cardona