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Yoga Consultations & Privates:

Work one-on-one with Jamie

The best way to get individualized attention for your yoga practice is through one-one-one consultations.

In these one-one-one opportunities, Jamie offers from simple discussion style consultations, to meditation, yoga nidra, restorative, hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa styles of asana.


$100.00 session:

$450.00 for 5 sessions ($90 each):

$800.00 for 10 sessions ($80 each):

For more information:
mythirdeye@live.com | 514.884.7275
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Shiva the teacher: Shiva is the fountainhead of all wisdom. The Knowledge he imparts helps man to live a richer and fuller life. He is the lord of the performing arts, fine arts, martial arts, literature, science, mysticism and philosophy. He taught man the secrets of herbs along with the cycles of nature and the cosmos.